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    Around the World in 80 Lesser-Known Melbourne Restaurants

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    In with the old, in with the new

    Whether you ask the owner of the world’s oldest restaurant or a consumer psychologist, the key to restaurant longevity remains the same. But how do “middle-aged” restaurants survive when diners only obsess over new openings and institutions?

    My Favourite Restaurant in the World

    After refusing to pick a favourite restaurant her entire career, food writer Sofia Levin has finally found one. But there’s far more to what makes a favourite restaurant than what’s on the plate.

    What ChatGPT means for Food Writing

    ChatGPT can write a menu, review a restaurant and regurgitate a press release into a news story. But will it replace food writers and public relations agencies? And how useful is it for small hospitality businesses?

    Interview: Mark Wiens

    As he approaches 10 million subscribers, YouTuber star Mark Wiens opens up about why he’d never be a food critic, the importance of family and whether or not he exaggerates his famous food reactions.

    Passover Food for Everyone

    Passover is steeped in food traditions, but you don't have to be Jewish to enjoy them. Here's an education, plus where to eat Passover dishes in Melbourne.

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