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Food Spotlight: Near & Far

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Around the World in 80 Lesser-Known Melbourne Restaurants

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In with the old, in with the new

Whether you ask the owner of the world’s oldest restaurant or a consumer psychologist, the key to restaurant longevity remains the same. But how do “middle-aged” restaurants survive when diners only obsess over new openings and institutions?

My Favourite Restaurant in the World

After refusing to pick a favourite restaurant her entire career, food writer Sofia Levin has finally found one. But there’s far more to what makes a favourite restaurant than what’s on the plate.

What ChatGPT means for Food Writing

ChatGPT can write a menu, review a restaurant and regurgitate a press release into a news story. But will it replace food writers and public relations agencies? And how useful is it for small hospitality businesses?

Interview: Mark Wiens

As he approaches 10 million subscribers, YouTuber star Mark Wiens opens up about why he’d never be a food critic, the importance of family and whether or not he exaggerates his famous food reactions.

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